Our automated treasury management services provide you with new ways to stay informed about your financial status and to exercise and maintain optimum control.  These include: 
Account Reconciliation – An automated way for you to reconcile your monthly bank statement quickly and conveniently. 
Deposit Reconciliation – Automated method to reconcile monthly deposits by business location. 
Positive Pay – Detects and virtually eliminates check fraud before checks are paid. Checks presented are compared to checks issued before payment. 
Check Imaging Services – Digital images of each check are captured, stored, and delivered to you by your choice of formats for fast and easy research. 
CD ROM – Images of your checks and deposits processed during a statement period are available, along with a year-end disk of all processing. 
eStatements – eMail alerts are delivered the day after a statement is processed to remind you to log onto our secure website and retrieve your statement. 
ACH Filters and Blocks – Assists you in protecting against fraudulent ACH transactions by allowing you to block all ACH transactions, credits, debits, or establish specific pre-authorized ACH transactions. 
ACH Alert - The only service of its kind, offers businesses complete control over unauthorized ACH debits. Unlike traditional ACH filters which are cumbersome to maintain and offer limited flexibility, ACH Alert offers businesses the ability to set their own notification parameters, establish lists of trusted trading partners, and communicate pay/return decisions on unauthorized ACH items. 
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InBusiness Online Banking and Bill Pay – Allows you to do your banking without leaving your office by providing a single point of access to banking products and services, including such functions as stop payments, balance requests, and electronic transfers. 
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Zero Balance Accounts – Allows for automatic internal transfers to and from your main operating account as deposits are processed or items are presented for payment. 
Online Banking Security Best Practices 
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