Commercial Card Payment Solutions

Deliver solutions, not products.

Each organization is unique. Your card program should be customized to fit your business' needs. We believe card providers should create value by uncovering those needs and delivering holistic and intuitive solutions. This is what we do.

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Dedicated Account Management

We are proud to offer dedicated program support, including a dedicated Solutions Consultant and Account Specialist.

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Program Optimization.

Our proactive approach ensures full potential of the program and your satisfaction. We work hand-in-hand with your team to review and recommend best practice policies and procedures.

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Supplier Enrollment Service.

We analyze your vendor payments to identify card acceptors. Then, we contact your vendors, with your permission, and enroll them in the purchasing card program.

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On-site and web-based training are provided by our team at no cost to your organization

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Companies report a 60% efficiency gain when they remove manual processes by instituting a commercial card program.

Source: Purchasing Cards: Redefining Identity in the Evolving Payments Landscape, The Aberdeen Group, July 2013

Employee Card Spend

  • Convenient and secure way to pay for business expenses.
  • Pay for conferences, registrations, and memberships.
  • Replace petty cash.
  • Restrict card to fuel and maintenance purchases.
  • Customizable online expense reporting - upload receipts and view statements.
  • Real-time capabilities for company administrator.

Purchasing Spend

  • Pay vendor invoices with purchasing card.
  • Integrate card payment into AP process.
  • For recurring expenses, keep card number on file with your vendor.
  • Receive customized reconciliation file.
  • Analyze spending patterns across departments and divisions to negotiate better terms with suppliers.
  • Quickly identify account misuse and fraud, monitor employee compliance.

Focus on payments, not paperwork.

The commercial card has evolved from a piece of plastic to an integrated electronic payment vehicle. It should compliment your current electronic payment processes and allow for flexibility and custom controls to meet your unique business needs.

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Organizational loss associated with purchasing card policy violations account for only 0.004% of purchasing card spending.

Source: 2014 RPMG Survey

Increase control & fraud protection

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  • Customize Spending Restrictions.
  • Fraud Monitoring & Protection
  • Travel Insurance & Employee Misuse Protection.

Drive efficiencies & automation

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  • Reduce invoice processing time.
  • Minimize paper-based processes.
  • Ease reconciliation with online expense reports
  • Automate payment of vendors with card payment file.

Manage Cash Flow & generate revenue

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  • Gain additional float time & extend payment terms.
  • Reduce costly check payments.
  • Negotiate discounts with preferred vendors.
  • Earn rebate (cash back) on all card program spend.

Common purchasing card acceptors

Office supplies Shipping expenses Conference & trade shows
Phone expenses Printing Janitorial suppliers/services
Advertising & marketing Computer hardware Utilities
Software Uniforms Building maintenance
Training Travel (hotels, meals, flights) Memberships & subscriptions


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70% Reduction in time between purchase and receipt of goods.

Source: 2014 RPMG Survey

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Credit Cards are issued and serviced by New Mexico Bank & Trust d/b/a HTLF Card Services.